CINGTAGRO Corporation

We are a technology-based, non-profit organization dedicated to gestioning technologically the territorial rural development, integrating small coffee producers to 4.0 supply chains.

We strengthen the productive capacities and technological competencies of small family businesses, so that they can participate as qualified suppliers in sophisticated businesses.. 

Dialogue of knowledge.


Strengthen the social appropriation of knowledge and territory, in order to consolidate the participation of small family-owned coffee companies in differentiated coffee markets.


By managing agricultural innovation processes, executing investment projects that promote social innovation in national and international partnerships, in order to qualify 400 small family businesses to participate as suppliers in the supply chain by 2025.

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The world of the field 1

The Department of Quindio has unequaled comparative advantages for the production of quality coffee. For this reason it is historically recognized as the coffee producing department of Colombia. Curiously, the small coffee producing families have not had access to know the process of threshing and selection of the product, the co-products and the yields of the coffee. selection of the product, the co-products and the yields of the dried parchment coffee once transformed into almonds. once transformed into almonds with added value. Thanks to MinCiencias we now have an infrastructure in a learning environment for producers to learn how to ensure the quality of coffee.

The world of the field 2

Principles of technological management designed by the project to strengthen the capacity of small coffee-producing families in terms of coffee quality.

Dialogue of knowledge with coffee-producing families for the social appropriation of knowledge and territory.

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Sharing experiences and lessons learned with small coffee-producing families in the municipality of Génova.

Relevance and importance of the project to appropriate the knowledge of the business and the rules of the game of coffee pricing in accordance with the yield factor.

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Panel of experts for the validation and socialization of the project results.

Event held on September 27, 2022 in the auditorium of the House of Culture of the Municipality of Calarcá with the participation of beneficiaries, departmental and local authorities and experts Álvaro Arias Young, Álvaro Londoño Meléndez and Emilio García Rodríguez.

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